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Can't get paid and need help paying rent.

vmathena started this conversation

I am needing some help, have been on the phone for three days trying to get money owed for work done. Some are avoiding me, others say they just don't have it right now and my rent is past due. Unfortunately, there are many good people posting as well, I understand the pure terror and panic in not knowing which bill to pay and where to get the money. For anybody who can help me with two months rent, next months is due.  It has been a frustrating  experience knowing that we gave and helped when we could and now we are on the needing end, with no bright outlook.  We do have a lot to be grateful for and have grown immensley in learning from this situation.  But we really could use a good samaritan right now. 

I am a travel agent and work with commissions so if you know anyone who is planning a trip have them e-mail me this will help greatly as well, if they book their trips through me. Thank you

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